Shenzhen: Ancient Ring Ying Moon Shadow Huadao Yao Xinqiao

  5 folk artists sing in the ancient rules of Qingping.

  Have a history of more than 200 years, namely "Shenzhen Four Ming Dynasties", located in the Qing Ping of Xinqiao Street, Baoan District, opened. Recently, "Qingping Market, Summer Tourism Association" opened.

Every Friday, Saturday, Japan 17, until August 15th, the public can come here, experience the prosperous market in Shenzhen West China. In the evening in Midsummer, the Hua Lana was at the beginning, the red lantern reflected in the lake, and the reflection of the Yongxing Bridge was even more.

Under the bridge is the "Qing Ping Market" creative market.

Here, Guang’an pawn, bridgehead shop, Xinqiao granary, bridge head hall, Xinqiao Machine factory and other cultural relics, the citizens can stroll in ancient architects, find the traces of the years, and experience the prosperity of Qing Ping. Today, there are all kinds of cultural goods, pug, guess riddles, loss of sand bags, swing, and so on. Unlike the market market, this special planned "Qingping Market, Summer Tourism Association" theme event, "Market + Party Building + Hanfu" as the core, "Qingping Market" assembled 12 Shenzhen local original Hand-acting brand, 7 major tour will interact, invite people to wear Hanfu on the midsummer night lake, listen to the summer time of the mortgage, the summer time. (Reporter Chen Yu / Figure Sun Zhongchun / Wen) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.