Bassing Cup Teen Basketball Tournament 12th

  In the last month of 2021, the exclusive competition of the basketball of primary and secondary schools had to start. 2021 The 6th Beijing Evening News Bass Cup Teen Basketball Tournament Sunday, the children will show up in three weekends, enjoy the happiness brought by basketball. The contest was hosted by Beijing Evening News, Beijing Basketball Association, Beijing Song Xiaobo Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

  Beijing Evening News Bassing Cup is a "business card" of Beijing mass sports. The Bass Cup Children’s Football Competition has been held since 1984.

Since 2016, the Bai Team Cup has expanded to basketball court.

"Summer vacation playing football, starting to play basketball" has become a habit of children.

  This year’s Baise Cup basketball play is affected by the epidemic, and it has been delayed for a month.

The competitions are divided into U10, U12, U14, U17 four age groups, of which U10, U12, U14 are divided into men, women’s group, and U17 only men’s groups, the packet settings are exactly the same.

  Compared with the rules of the competition, there is fine-tuning last year. In the latest rules, all groups have played 5-to-5, and the U10 group has 10 minutes in the second half of the competition, and the rest is 12 minutes in the second half.

U10, U12 group competition adopts a small basketball competition rules, U14, and U17 groups adopt the latest basketball rules approved by the State Sports General Administration.

  Due to the special circumstances of the epidemic prevention and control, the Bass Cup Organizing Committee simplifies the participating group, and controls the number of participating teams and players. A total of 80 teams participated in the competition, and each team member was 6 to 8 people, and must be a formal student in the same school. Previously, the hundred team basketball play has adopted the first-line partition confrontation, and then concentrated on the finals of the finals, from the previous session to all in a competition.

The competition site is in the Honghe International Sports Center, which is the training venue of the North Control Men’s Basketball, and the conditions are not legged in the CBA League venue. The first two hundred team basketball players have been carried out here, and they are well received by all parties.

  High quality venue facilities, professional referee team, and hundred teams basketball game goals are to build a boutique event. The organizing committee also allows each team to design the array of self-designs, and each team can open their brains, each showing it, showing its unique style. The epidemic prevention and control is the top priority of the Bass Cup basketball game. Combined with the last successful experience, the organizers have developed detailed and complete emergency treatment programs, and establish a joint-defense mechanism with the health epidemic prevention department.

During the game, except for players, trains and referees, other people in the players were wearing masks.

All entrance team arrived at the venue half an hour before the game, and must not leave the ball quickly after the game.

The competition team only allows players, leaders, and coaches to enter the venue, and parents will not be entered.

  All registrations of the event are completed online and convene online team leaders and group lottery rituals. "My Olympic Basketball" App will broadcast every game, let parents and fans who can’t watch the battle online to watch every game online.

(Reporter Chen Jiayu) (Original title: "Summer vacation playing football, starting with basketball" into a fashion Baise Cup young basketball game tomorrow.