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Chinese medicine fragrance! Anguo farmers have a "good party"

The effect of "doing a good one will be a city" is very honored to be the main contract of the fourth Baoding City Travel Service, which is the expectation and heavy trust of Baoding Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, and the trust of the people of the city. expect. To undertake an important opportunity to promote industrial innovation and upgrading, we will take advantage of the important platform for development results. We will take advantage of the international influence of modern Chinese medicine. Will, engage in a good effect of a city.

First, do a big strong Chinese herbal medicine market.

Through the huge popularity and traffic brought by the Travel General, vigorously promote the newly upgraded Chinese herbal medicine transaction wholesale market, and conduct a centralized and unified management of zero-scattered Chinese herbal materials, and the comprehensive standardization is improved, and further prosper the Anguo market. The second is to speed up the construction of projects. Using the conference project centralized signing, introducing a batch of integrated strength, contributing high, further enriched industrial categories, providing powerful kinetic energy in promoting high quality development.

The third is to comprehensively call the Kanguarian tourism brand. With the opportunity of organizing the Travel Service, it is carefully to build Chinese medicine medicine, let visitors can worship the king, visit the medicine, enjoy the medicine, medicinal meals, drinking medicine, drinking medicine tea, a medicated bath, watch the drug Let the guests "I don’t want to go, I still want to come."

Dit jaar ontdekte Jiangxi de 6342-mensen die betrokken waren bij het netto-geval.

People’s Network Nanchang 10 December (Li Tui) Deze website heeft geleerd van de afdeling Jiangxi Provinciale openbare veiligheid dat dit jaar de provinciale openbare veiligheidsorganen het "Net Network 2021" -specialistische actie hebben voortgezet, focus op de weerspiegeling van de mensen Illegale misdaden, zware stoten tegen online gokken, online fraude, online illegale transacties en schending van informatiebeveiliging. Tot nu toe onderzocht de provinciale openbare veiligheidsorganen 1852 netwerk illegale misdaden, waarbij 6,342 gevallen in het netwerk betrokken waren en gearresteerd 2180 verdachten.

Er wordt gemeld dat de provinciale openbare veiligheidsorganen een hoge druktrend van allerlei soorten netwerk illegale criminele activiteiten bestrijden, gericht op het leveren van zwarte kaarten, zwarte nummers, zwarte lijnen en zwarte apparatuur voor online gokken, obscene pornografie, online fraude, en diep Geeft criminele kettingen. Strikt schokken volgens de wet, voert u twee "viervak" speciale bijeenkomst uit, meer dan 470 gevallen, en meer dan 300 crimineel vastgehouden, in beslag genomen meer dan 150.000 mobiele telefoonkaarten, die meer dan "Cat Pool" -apparatuur weten 300 eenheden. De publieke veiligheidsorganen van de provincie zijn geslagen, ernstig scheuren op de misdaad met betrekking tot de misdaad, en Zhangzhou kraakte een speciaal geval van cross-provinciale organisatorische rijbewijstest, gearresteerd 12 criminele verdachten; ernstig kraken op de persoonlijke informatie van de burgers Met succes geslagen een weergave van een doorverhoudingsburger Persoonlijke informatie De poedercirkel "bende, 10 van de criminele verdachten, meer dan 100 mobiele telefoons; resoluut corrigeer grensoverschrijdende gokchaos, Nanchang gedetecteerd" Grapefruit live broadcast "platform betrokken bij de gokkoffer , vastgelegd 57 verdachten, bevroren meer dan 6 miljoen yuan.

Het is duidelijk dat de publieke veiligheidsorganen van de provincie 5 van de afdeling openbare veiligheid detecteren, onder toezicht staan ??en onder toezicht staan ??van het ministerie van openbare veiligheid. Selectie van het ministerie van openbare veiligheid om elektriciteit en promotie- en drainagevermijnen in de bovenste tien typische gevallen te bestrijden. Organiseer internetbedrijven en websites om 4416 keer te superspecteren en te inspecteren. Inspectie en ontdek 3,370 Internet illegale informatie, opruimen 3,128 illegale informatie, enz. Website, meer dan 56 kolommen, beteugelen effectief het momentum van netwerk illegale misdaden. (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Ask the politics Shandong | 20 meters "Broken Road" has not been opened for two years? Weifang High-tech Zone: "Broad Road" full zero road overall upgrade

Tonight, "Police Sheng Shandong" broadcasts No. 118, conduct the second national high-tech zone to see the special program, Weifang High-tech Zone, Jining High-tech Zone, Taian High-tech Zone, Dezhou High-tech Zone, to come to the scene, accept asked Polite.

Weifang City High-tech Zone Huixian Road is the north and south, run through Weifang City High-tech Zone, to Northern Weifang City, Hanting District. In an early interview in the reporter, Huixian Road in the Hanting District has been repaired, but there is a 20-meter connection part in the high-tech zone. It has been consumed for more than two years, and has not been repaired, it has become a broken road. This breakage has brought great impact on the life and work of nearby residents. On November 5, the reporter once again came to this Huixian Road in Weifang High-tech Zone. As seen at the on-site reporter, the rectified Huixian Road was re-laying a layer of asphalt, and all opened, normal.

At the same time, the Weifang High-tech Zone Management Committee also conducted a holistic upgrade in other important roads in the jurisdiction, further increased traffic travel efficiency. Nearby residents said in an interview: I have been working every time, or go out to do things from the west, take more km. Now fix it, travel or life is very convenient. Merchants are also pleased: After passing, the road is also wide, after the passers-by, our business is much better.

Li Tao, deputy director of the Weifang High-tech Zone Management Committee, said: After the last request, we also refoughtful.

The problem is in two aspects, one how to find problems around the people, how to effectively solve the problems around the masses.

To this end, we have established a comprehensive platform for urban management. We use all 1328 projects in the top 7 of the top 7, and we have discovered problems, positioning problems, and the masses to monitor problems.

On the other hand, in order to promote problems, we specialize in urban management office, the Urban Construction Office, and promote the entire city construction in the process.

We take this as an opportunity to invest 100 million, and have opened 20 breakways. At present, the main road of Weifang High-tech Zone has no broken road. Lightning Journalist Hao Yu Wang Xiaoming Wang Wenlu report.

China Releases ? Business Department: China-Africa Trade Algemene Balance China heeft nooit opzettelijk opzettelijk afgezegend Surplus

China Net 17 november (Reporter Peng Yao) De achtste ministeri?le bijeenkomst van het China-niet-samenwerkingsforum zal eind november op Senegal worden gehouden.

Het nationale nieuwe kantoor hield een persconferentie over de 17e, en de plaatsvervangend minister van Ministerie van Koophandel zei dat van het perspectief op de lange termijn, China-Afrika-handel over het algemeen in evenwicht is.

Sinds 2000 heeft China triljoenen uit Afrika uitgenodigd om Trillion US Dollars niet te exporteren.

In de afgelopen jaren is China-gebaseerde non-Trade ongeveer 200 miljard US Dollars per jaar, met een import van $ 100 miljard, die ongeveer $ 100 miljard exporteert.

Tsjaad Keming zei dat China hard heeft gewerkt om de invoer uit Afrika te verhogen, en een van de belangrijkste taken is om te onderzoeken hoe het niveau van handel en investeringen in beide partijen verder kunnen verbeteren.


Deep cultivated community Shanxi Bank Xiuyangyuan Community Branch allows financial services more temperature

Because learning dance is required, every 7 o’clock in the morning, the small girl in the residential garden community will rush to the Shanxi Bank of the Shanxi Bank, Jincheng Branch, Xiuxi Water Court Community Branch, let the staff here free to comb. Hair, this comb is more than 6 years.

Create a community bank that is active, feeling, and temperatures, is a Shuishengyuan Community Branch strives to practice social responsibility, establish a positive exploration of good image, and also transforming service business models, active service communities, close to the market and customers try.

There is no glass of zero distance communication "Auntie, so cold days, first drink hot water." On the morning of November 3, in Shanxi Bank Jincheng Branch Xiuyangyuan Community Branch, the staff is enthusiastic about customers. " Not a big sign, less than 100 square meters, there is no thick glass window, and there is no call number of the machine. Although the outlet is small, the decoration style is like a home is generally warm and comfortable.

There are "five organs", sofa, express cabinets, umbrellas, printers, and other benefits. Here, a change in the traditional three-foot counter is watching the "high-cooled" service image of the glass, watching the four staff and community neighbors, and timely master the various needs of residents in daily life, diversified service to promote community, help build New neighborhood relationship. This is the unique place in Xiushuiyuan Community Branch. "We are going to break the ‘glass window’, let employees to achieve ‘zero-distance’ communication between employees and customers, and better serve community residents.

The Song Dynasty, the Song Shuiyuan Community Branch, said that it is like a financial supermarket without counter, in addition to large access to cash business, traditional business can handle it here. "Chartered eight-night" delay service is a lot of communities Residents’ demand for financial business.

The night is coming, the Wanjia Light, but here often can see the family housewife waiting for the office worker or after dinner, etc. There is no timeless warm service free layout, shooting family bless, express free pickup, volunteer ergonom service … Xiushuiyuan Community Branch cares about the community development, and never forget every community resident. They use a bit of a bit of action to explain the persistence of social responsibility.

Once, Xiu Shuiyuan Community Branch took a large number of express – six doors.

At that time, it coincided with the community. The elevator could not be used. The customer’s resident floor was on the 12th floor. The Song Jun took forward to help customers lifting the door, and sent the door to the customer home. Another time, when the staff replaced the building advertisement in the community, I met an old man consulting financial management, and I have unintentionally learned the old man’s wife, the old man has always lived.

Since then, the staff will often go to the old man to exercise hydropower, property fees, buy life items, etc., so that the elderly are very moving. I want to think that the community residents think, the emergency community residents are anxious, there is no warm service, and the intimate service of Xiushuiyuan Community Branch is far more than this. I learned that community residents need to replace social security cards, considering that everyone’s shooting documents have many inconveniences, the organizational staff is free to shoot the residents to make documents.

That time, they were photographed during the day. In the evening, I took a free shipping for more than 800 residents for more than 800 residents. The annual Lei Feng month, they also jointly cleaned health, rubbing shoes such as residents; continuous 4 The year is a student photo of the Phoenix Vocational High School, establishing a file … in Xiushuiyuan Community Branch, there are still many touching stories.

According to incomplete statistics, in 7 years, only the free delivery of the free delivery has exceeded 200,000, freely arranged more than 300 times, shooting a family blessing, 1,000 documents. "The bank opened in the community, not only is convenient for business, but also the service is very emotional.

"In the case of community residents, these services may be insignificant, but the 7 years of persistence is close to the distance from the residents, and win everyone’s trust.

The beneficial attempts of deep cultivation communities Try Xiu Water Countries Community Branch is only 34 years old. This is a team of youth, but also a team of struggles. In the root community for 7 years, they always work with the "people" "convenience" attitude. A sentence of the initiative to get the previous greetings, let the first time to enter the bank’s strange disappear; a cup of intimate tea, let the serious environment have a comfortable feeling; once inquiry, let the business are more smooth and fast; Zhang Zhang smile, letting financial services have a heart temperature.

There is a photo wall in Xiushuiyuan Community Branch, a photo of Zhang Sheng recorded their little bit with the community resident friendship.

Since the opening of the community branch, through cooperation with special merchants, they provide 7% off laundry services for community customers. The customers can solve one-stop laundry service to the community branch, which allows customers to worry and effort. Customers save money.

Over the past seven years, the actual traffic flow of more than 70,000 yuan.

"Many community residents have spontaneously become our volunteer propagandists, introduce colleagues around you, relatives to handle business. This kind of recognition and high trust is our extremely precious wealth." Song Jun said.

In the Song Juncai, the community branch is the "last kilometer" of financial services, deep cultivation communities, and become a "good neighbor’s good helper" in community residents, not only a useful attempt, but also a lot of exploration space.

Next, the bank will continue to adhere to the core values ??of Shanxi Bank "as public, Hengxin, Erli, and Complex", which must not only provide professional, convenient and intimate financial services for community residents, but also to the way of service close to life. The majority of customers provide non-financial services, deliver care, and strive to build a community financial service and a combination of non-financial services. (昊) (Editor: Lei Hao, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Ba Jin and Russian Literature – People’s Political Consultative Conference

Author: Yu Ping (Heilongjiang University Lecturer) Because of the distinct revolutionary and combatability, Russian literature has deeply influenced the writers in China for the May 4th period, and Ba Jin is an ignored one.Ba Jin’s Russian literature is an enlightenment reading, indicating that he has been influenced by the Russian literary creation in the ideological and literary creation. He said in the "Defense of Accepting the Soviet People’s Excellent Medal", it is a young man to make a young man realize whatIt is a national country, and I feel what is a writer’s conscience, let a young writer understand how to enlighten the people with a conscience to enlighten the people and transform the society.

Ba Jin’s exciting text makes us realize that Russian literature is equivalent to a lighting lamp in his life. It can also see the impact of Russian thinking to him.Bubble.

The teenager is in an incident of Russian papers – "Notice Boy", he said that he repeatedly read this booklet created by Kru Golden in the middle of the night, and his thought is a long time. I want to break through his chest running out, Ba Jin said that these words can always make him tears, each other, since then, I have opened the footsteps of him to Russia. It can be seen that Russian works move and affect Ba Jin, first in its spiritual, ideological, because this happens to fit a young soul who worry about the country, for the world’s cognition, so the main direction of Ba Jin’s early translation is the revolutionary theory and The revolutionary literary works, such as the theoretical works "Bread," Life Philosophy: The Origin and Its Development ", the script" Denon’s death ", memoirs" Twenty Years of prison ". He also clearly stated that its purpose of translation work, never moved, but in the process of translation, there is a personal battle figure in every translation of Ba Jin.

The original intention of Ba Jin’s translation is to promote the revolutionary thoughts, social advocation, and guide the real life and alert readers in paper articles. In this sense, Ba Jin actually struggles with its translation as a weapon, firmly struggled with dark reality, decaying society and fallen human nature. From 1930, Ba Jin selected translation work gradually paying attention to its literature. He is the opening of the literary translation with Gorky’s "Grassland Story", which translates many writers, but as "China’s 20th Century Foreign Literature Translation History" Chapter 5, Ba Jin’s translation object is mainly concentrated in "Russian realist literature" ", This also makes us see that its translation is indeed deeply affected by politics and era trend.

The enthusiasm of Ba Jin’s translation is always a, even if the old age is decreasing to give up the translation of Hull memories, the translation of the third volume of the Memory, and still urges the successful translation work. The responsibility of its work, the enthusiasm of emotions can be seen.

Ba Jin not only dedicated to the translation of Russian works, but also actively promotes and disseminates Russian works.

In his "Cultural Life Book" and "Translation Series", Russian works accounted for more than half of the total number.

Not only that, Ba Jin also trushed the translation of the colleagren to translate the Russian work. Under his encouragement and support, Julong translated Chekhov, Gao Zhi translated Tolstott …. Visible, Ba Jin collar the first, A great contribution has made great contributions to the development of Chinese literary vision and promoting China Russian literature exchange. Ba Jin has repeatedly visited the Soviet Union. During the visit, the excitement of many travel prose is overflowing: Ability to visit the "dream hometown", walk through the road that has been embarrassing, the way to take the book, I have read it in the book. People, things, things, and their joy, you can see you.

These travels are along with his knowledge in other countries, and assembled the "Journey of Hair Missing" and "Journey" and other prose works. However, we also know that the novel is the largest works of Bajin’s influence, Ba Jin’s novel works, its theme, character image shaping, is affected by Russian literature or remarkably.

Ba Jin found a spirit of spirit in Russian literature, and has a strong resonance, especially the revolutionary battle of Russian literature, reflect on the criticism of reality, the concern for life.

Ba Jin also wants to spread these ideas through their own literary creations, expressing the relevant claims, and ultimately realizing the development of the social and transforming the writing. For example, "Dear" "Rapid" "Snow" "Tolden Night", these works expressed the strong disgust of the darkness of the darkness, the deep concern about the youth generation of the youth in the era of the disease. In terms of theme ideology, Bajin has absorbed the strengths of Russian literature. At the same time, its novel characters have also learned and transcended in Russian literature.

After reading many revolutionaries and revolutionary works, Ba Jin created the image of the revolutionary in his novel, such as: "Thunder" in the "Thunder" created by Emma Gao Dehman; by Sophie Asia Pelovskaya image developed into the female hero in "Sea’s Dream", she abandoned the nobility life of the benefit, angry and participated in the revolutionary battle; "Electric" hostess Li Peizhu is a "nearly sound "The revolutionary, Ba Jin said when talking about shaping the inspiration of this character," This is a ghetty woman, I created it. When I wrote her, I didn’t have a ‘model’. But I The biography of the female revolutionary readers have given me great help. "Ba Jin’s work also involves China’s intellectual image from Russian classic characters -" excessive people ", which has ideals The ambition is also talented, but the heart is full of hesitation and embarrassment, making them eventually unable to move toward the revolution. Water in "Fog" is a seven-year intellectual study in studying abroad. With the ideal returns to the country, it is always hesitant and weak before action, which is the Tianting shaped with Tutuene. The image of "excess people" and other "excess people" such as Lavrezki have a close relationship.

In addition, Ba Jin also arranges its character’s person because of the influence of Russian literature, self-shaping the hero’s personality that is brave enough to dedicate the revolution. It can be said that the works inside and outside, Ba Jin gives Russian literature, and the Russian revolutionary is very respectful and concerned.

Ba Jin scored Russian works, from his pen plowing, translation, and literary creation, you can promptly see its response to Russian literature spirit. Ba Jin be overrides the framework of the original Russian literature or work on the basis of imitation and learning, combined with the national conditions of the time, fully reflecting a literary, everyone’s ideas and behaviors, also communicating between different cultures. Provide a good reference path with interaction. "Guangming Daily" (November 18, 2021) Editor: Guo Siki.

China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch: Focusing Main Industry Advantage Construction High Quality Insurance Guarantee

  The staff of the China Life Baunan Long Nance Service Center handles long-term insurance services for the public. China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch is introduced to Chongqing urban custom insurance to introduce co-insurance models, and give full play to the main advantages of relevant commercial insurance companies, and better serve Chongqing citizens. Last year, Chongqing City customized commercial supplementary medical insurance "惠保" online, so that the insured person will reimburse the personal payment of personal payment with lower insulation premiums, further mitigate the burden of medical expenses. Among them, China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch is underwritten by 530,000 people, and the amount is trillion.

  Under the guidance of the Chongqing Silver Insurance Bureau, the Chongqing Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau, China Life Chongqing Branch is committed to boosting the people’s livelihood project. This year, the company adheres to the principle of universal positioning, in accordance with different medical security requirements, continuous optimization of service management models with basic medical insurance, major illness insurance, and actively promote urban custom insurance "one-stop settlement" service to solve the insured " The problem of claiming ero, funding is paid, so that the public is more convenient to seek medical treatment, enhance the sense of acquainability and happiness of the public. The pension system is more perfect from June 1 this year, exclusive commercial pension insurance in Zhejiang Province, Chongqing two places first pilot, and the pilot period is temporarily established. As a pilot unit, China Life Chongqing Branch launches Shengshou Xin to enjoy the propagation sales of commercial pension insurance, can better meet the actual pension needs of new states and flexible employees such as express brothers, takeaway riders, webmark drivers .

  China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch said, as an innovative product in promoting the construction of the third pillar pension guarantee system, the exclusive commercial pension insurance payment of the pilot sales, the collection method is more flexible, pay the payment, the annual payment, 趸 趸, Transfer to the premium or one-time additional premium, the method also has a fixed term collection and lifetime to receive two ways; adopting the "guarantee + floating" revenue model, providing different portfolios, for customers to choose flexible choice, while Product design is more stringent for the demand for the definition and encourages long-term lifetime to guide the long-term accumulation of the pension.

  In order to meet the long-term nursing requirements of displacement personnel in the city’s elderly people, China Life Chongqing Branch has participated in the pilot work of the whole mayor for three consecutive years, and is 210,000 city, Dadukou District, Datutou and Pisuji County, Chongqing. The employee offers a long-term insurance operation service.

  As of the end of July this year, nursing services were obtained for 722 heavy residents in the city, and the accumulated nursing subsidies were all divided, and 7730 people were benefited from the displacement personnel. Rural construction is more beautiful "to promote rural revitalization, promote industrial stability development and farmers’ income is the key." Zhi Xi Xiu, who is the current country revitalizing work, China Life, Chongqing Branch, China Life.

Di-County hield de 2019 "Op zoek naar prachtige China" National Tourism City Orientation Series

De openingsceremonie-site. Ter gelegenheid van de 20e dag van de 2e jeugdspellen in het land, werd de 2019 ‘het vinden van prachtige china "nationale toeristische stadirectionele seriewedstrijd gehouden in het Duoyuan Village, Zaulin Town, Diverse County, 14 april.

  Dit evenement heeft in totaal twee grote projecten, onderverdeeld in twee grote projecten, verdeeld in de elite-groep van mannen, vrouwenelite-groep, de openbare groep van heren, vrouwengroep en ouder-kind groep 5 groepen, van Jinzhong School, Taiyuan normale universiteit, Taiyuan College Meer dan 400 atleten van Yanmen Run, Di County Middle School, Democratische Divisie en Zaulin Middle School hebben deelgenomen aan de competitie.

  De competitie wordt gehost door de National Sports General Administration of Aeronautical Radio Model, China Radiocity and Directional Sports Association, het Dixian County Party-commissie, en de regering van de provincie People, de volksregering van Zaolin Town, The County, The County Sports Management Centre, The State Sports General Administration Poverty Alleviation Working Group, Dianxian Running Association and Yanmen Run, Beijing Le Enjia Sports Development Co., Ltd. (No.4 Nieuws Office Shi Junwen Liu Rui Chen Jin Rong Wen Qi).

Bassing Cup Teen Basketball Tournament 12th

  In the last month of 2021, the exclusive competition of the basketball of primary and secondary schools had to start. 2021 The 6th Beijing Evening News Bass Cup Teen Basketball Tournament Sunday, the children will show up in three weekends, enjoy the happiness brought by basketball. The contest was hosted by Beijing Evening News, Beijing Basketball Association, Beijing Song Xiaobo Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

  Beijing Evening News Bassing Cup is a "business card" of Beijing mass sports. The Bass Cup Children’s Football Competition has been held since 1984.

Since 2016, the Bai Team Cup has expanded to basketball court.

"Summer vacation playing football, starting to play basketball" has become a habit of children.

  This year’s Baise Cup basketball play is affected by the epidemic, and it has been delayed for a month.

The competitions are divided into U10, U12, U14, U17 four age groups, of which U10, U12, U14 are divided into men, women’s group, and U17 only men’s groups, the packet settings are exactly the same.

  Compared with the rules of the competition, there is fine-tuning last year. In the latest rules, all groups have played 5-to-5, and the U10 group has 10 minutes in the second half of the competition, and the rest is 12 minutes in the second half.

U10, U12 group competition adopts a small basketball competition rules, U14, and U17 groups adopt the latest basketball rules approved by the State Sports General Administration.

  Due to the special circumstances of the epidemic prevention and control, the Bass Cup Organizing Committee simplifies the participating group, and controls the number of participating teams and players. A total of 80 teams participated in the competition, and each team member was 6 to 8 people, and must be a formal student in the same school. Previously, the hundred team basketball play has adopted the first-line partition confrontation, and then concentrated on the finals of the finals, from the previous session to all in a competition.

The competition site is in the Honghe International Sports Center, which is the training venue of the North Control Men’s Basketball, and the conditions are not legged in the CBA League venue. The first two hundred team basketball players have been carried out here, and they are well received by all parties.

  High quality venue facilities, professional referee team, and hundred teams basketball game goals are to build a boutique event. The organizing committee also allows each team to design the array of self-designs, and each team can open their brains, each showing it, showing its unique style. The epidemic prevention and control is the top priority of the Bass Cup basketball game. Combined with the last successful experience, the organizers have developed detailed and complete emergency treatment programs, and establish a joint-defense mechanism with the health epidemic prevention department.

During the game, except for players, trains and referees, other people in the players were wearing masks.

All entrance team arrived at the venue half an hour before the game, and must not leave the ball quickly after the game.

The competition team only allows players, leaders, and coaches to enter the venue, and parents will not be entered.

  All registrations of the event are completed online and convene online team leaders and group lottery rituals. "My Olympic Basketball" App will broadcast every game, let parents and fans who can’t watch the battle online to watch every game online.

(Reporter Chen Jiayu) (Original title: "Summer vacation playing football, starting with basketball" into a fashion Baise Cup young basketball game tomorrow.

Chinese Academie voor Academie voor Engineering Zhu Yong Yong League naar Shanxi Zhendong Group

Op 26 november kwam de Chinese Academie voor Engineering Zhu Yong Yong’s wetenschappelijk onderzoeksteam naar Zidong Group van Yunnan. Het basispersoneel van Zhendong Zhongzhong Medicine Company ging diep in Pingshun County, en ze werd serieus waargenomen, omringd door biologische plantprojecten onder het bos . Aan het einde deelde Zhu Youyong Academicians de wetenschappelijke onderzoeksresultaten van het team en zeiden dat het Wetenschappelijke onderzoekteam van Zhendong de basis heeft in Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen, en het heeft een voordeel en kan samen onderzoek doen aan onderzoek.

Het onderzoeksteam is een al-base, die technische ondersteuning doet, de overheid doen Diensten, ondernemingen om te verkopen, drie in combinatie met de traditionele Chinese geneeskunde-industrie om geld te verdienen, de boeren geld verdienen, bijdragen aan de samenleving. Het is duidelijk dat het Sectiebedrijf van de Chinese geneeskunde een van de kernactiviteiten van de Zidong-groep is. Pingshun is rijk aan het feest, de geschiedenis is lang, en de kwaliteit is uitstekend. In 2003, om de stabiliteit en betrouwbaarheid van de kwaliteit van het medicijn te waarborgen, heeft de Zhendong Group Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen in Pingshun gevestigd. Op dit moment heeft het bedrijf 820.000 MU van Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen in het land, geleid tot de ontwikkeling van 10 Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen in Forsythia, Bitter Ginseng, Party Ginseng en Astragalus, de onderzoeksprojecten verbeteren.

Li Anping, voorzitter van de Zhendong Group, introduceerde dat als partij gouverneur van massamedicijn, er zijn 40.000 ton eis per jaar, sinds de oudheid, "geen enkele partij verwerkt". Om boeren te laten stijgen, deed hij een project voor armoedebestrijding en bevorderde het Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen krachtig en het geven van Chinese kruidengeneesmiddelen bedrijven om een ??ongewenst winst-systeem te vormen.

Hij zei dat Zhendong alles zal gaan om het onderzoekswerk van "hoogwaardig bos onder biologisch feestfeest" te ondersteunen. Vervolgens zullen de onderzoeksteams van beide partijen eerst beginnen met het vaststellen van bodemseffectieve voedingsbestanden, analyseren de omgeving, monitor de bodemsamenstelling en de natuurverdeling en leggen een solide basis voor de bosbouwfeesten.

(付 三) (Editor: MA YONG, ZHANG LINSHAN) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.